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The 100 account set up & test market that Felix help me to get started was a complete success.

So excited about the future!




Thank you for sending Felix Henckel out to help secure some of the independent 7-11 stores here in Colorado Springs for the test market.

I am looking forward to great success.




I believe that with your support and the great product you have to offer we can make a great team.

I would like to take full advantage of the road show ability you have and all the promotional ideas available to make this product become a household name.




Thank you for the approval of my distributorship.

Felix Henckel and the team did a fantastic job coming down and helping me to establish my initial accounts for our test market.

Thank you again for this great opportunity.


Dear Board of Directors,

As an established distributor I am enthusiastic about the launch with all the flavors and products displays and promotional materials that are available.



Dear Board of Directors,

Thank you for approving my LittleNY Pretzel Distributorship. I am so glad to be part of this initial launch and test market.


Being in the vending business for nearly 60 years years I am truly excited about all the great things that are happening with LittleNY Pretzels.

I cannot wait for all the other flavors to be produced, apple peanut butter would be great! Pleasure meeting with Bill Richards.


The LittleNY Pretzel distributorship gives my wife and I the opportunity to own and operate what will be a very prosperous business.

It also allows us to meet new people, share a smile and tell someone to pursue their dreams. With LittleNY the sky is the limit!


Testimony Coming Soon!

Tracy (Statewide)

Testimony Coming Soon!

Phil - NY (Statewide)




Being apart of the LittleNY Pretzel distributor network was truly the best business decision I have ever made. The product is already selling at the accounts you placed.

This ground floor opportunity is the best deal out there for distributors like myself.


I have worked nearly twenty years in the snack and beverage industry. I have worked for Pepsi Cola, Inc., Coca-Cola Bottling and several others.

My knowledge as a sales representative will give me a great advantage. I feel the LittleNY Pretzel opportunity is the one I have been waiting on!


Testimony Coming Soon!


Testimony Coming Soon!

Booby (Statewide)


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